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Wild Game

Since I’ve got a lot of wild friends, I figured I’d have wild game night.  This is pretty big in Canada, though not so much Toronto specifically.  There are a lot of people who go out West and live on the land, quite well actually.  They sell a lot of what they catch back to butchers in the city.  An elk or a moose is a huge amount of meet.

I was thinking of going mixed game, but I don’t know too much about the different types.  I went to my favorite local butcher and he said he’s getting some good elk this season.  I’ve heard that’s gamey kind of like venison but a little more robust like maybe buffalo.  So that’s what we’ll do.

I bought some large elk steaks and marinated them heavily in a dark sauce with a rather heavy amount of Burgundy.  I figured I’d serve Burgundy with the meal as well.  Since elk is kind of manly, I also served Guinness.   I sprung for a keg because Guinness just isn’t the same if it’s not draft.

I invited all the usual suspects, but this was kind of a guy’s meal so it was a sausage party.  The steaks were huge but the guys loved them and we had no leftovers.  The guys liked the burgundy too, but we all like Guinness and enjoyed that.  I have to say for just a few guys we drank the better part of a keg!

Without the ladies, we decided to break out some cigars.  Ted had a few Cuban Coronas and we played some poker too.  Without the feminine distractions, I did pretty well, making enough to cover the evening’s cuisine.

My only regret was I went to bed alone tonight, without Mya 🙁  I wonder if she thinks of me?

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