Eating with Samuel

My dinner adventures

About Me

My name is Samuel.  I live in Toronto.  I’m a graphic designer for the online casino website  I like it because it pays well and we are always doing something cutting-edge.  I’ve got a few friends in town.  My best friends are Ted Adams, David Gent, and Eric Anderson.  Ted is technical manager at — an online slots website.  David is content manager at the asian porn tube website  Eric is a developer at a site called  It’s an anonymous proxy so you can browse sites that are restricted or you want to keep confidential.  You can go through and no one will know you’ve been there.

My real passion is cooking.  I’ve never studied it in school, but I like all kind of food.  I started watching the Food and Cooking channel years ago and I read several cookbooks.  Now I can make a number of dishes from around the world and I think they are all pretty good.  I’m going to start having dinner parties for me and my friends – I’ll have them invite some others.  They’ll like the food and we like drinking and playing poker together.  They’ll probably bring some cute girls too – especially David.  I’m excited to see what kind of fun we’ll have together and whether they’ll enjoy my dishes.  I think we’ll have a great time and I’ll be updating frequently!