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Pacific Islander wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but I’d been pretty much around the world already, so I just settled on it.  But it didn’t take me long to realize it was a good idea.

First, you’ve got the seafood, the fruit, the roast pig, fruity drinks, all good stuff there.  And second, (or wait, I think this is first) all the hangaround hotties we have are Asian.  Maybe that will inspire them and finally put them in the right mood for some late night fun.

So I decided to go with kind of a funky salad.  I found a great pork place and got some great cuts of mildly charred pork cutlets.  I chopped those up with some fresh pineapple, fresh wild greens, a little coconut and some English walnuts (ok, not Pacific Islander, but they taste good).  I tossed it in a wine vinaigrette with an unusually sweet flavor.

So the Asian thing got Dave over and several of his Asian darlings came.  We picked up some beer from New Zealand.  I thought that was very unique, but it was really no different than a Foster’s or a British Lager.  We also picked up some Syrah, a high-potency wine from Australia.   We like high alcohol concentration 🙂

Everyone loved the food.  The guys enjoyed the beer and the girls loved the wine.  I don’t think they realized it was about twice as strong as American.  A couple of them were pretty drunk.  I also whipped up some tropical drinks – Malibu served with fruit juice in a pineapple hull.  The girls enjoyed that.  The fellas didn’t think it was half bad either.

So the conversation went to the site again.  I don’t think Dave is comfortable with that being brought up every time.   I’ll admit I do it deliberately, but the girls (except Bindi) actually like to talk about it.  And after a few drinks they go into some elaborate detail.

Mya was here again and she looked sexier than ever.  I told her that I was hoping she’d cum and I picked the dinner theme just because I thought she’d like it.  I don’t know if she was just drunk or bought my cheesy lines but she got awful friendly with me.

As I was saying bye to the folks I asked Mya if she’d wanted to sleep the booze off and head back in the morning.  And she was up for that!  And I guess practice makes perfect because being on really taught her some things.  I don’t know if this will be a relationship thing though.  Mya isn’t exactly a 1-woman man I don’t think.

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