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Aphrodisiac Night

OK.  Tonight I figured I’d bring out the wild side of some of these girls.  Ted usually brings Bindi – one of the models from his SlotTavern site.  She probably has some cute friends too – I need to make some inroads there.  DavidGent hit the gold mine getting involved with  He’s always got wild girls around.  He used to be in such conservative industries – I think he might have gotten into the porn just to meet the girls!

Anyway, I got David to invite a few of the girls tonight.  Kiki, Niko, and Asia all came.  Bindi was away this time but David showed.  I was feeling a little naughty tonight.  I made Italian food with clams and oysters and some herbal aphrodisiacs I found at an herbal store.  I bought a case of fortified wine, so I figured this was my best shot to see what these girls would do.

The ladies loved the food.  As usual they went pretty heavy on the alcohol.  So we were chatting a bit and I asked David what it was like to work for a porn website.  He got a little geeky on me, talking about javascript and css.  I didn’t wanted to be offensive but I was getting annoyed.  I said, “What are your co-workers like?”

Niko chimed up.  She said, “we all get along great!”.  I said, “so what kinds of things do they have you do?”  Anyway, it wasn’t too long before the girls were touching each other.  I was a little surprised by David – he really seemed uncomfortable with it.  But I proposed a few scenes and the girls were happy to oblige.  I was more into watching this time I guess.  I think David knew the game I was playing and was a little upset.

He’ll get over it 😉


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