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Asian Night

OK, I like Asian and I cooked some pretty good Tandoori chicken, but that’s not why this was Asian night.  I invited some friends over for one of my usual Saturday night dinners.  It turns out Asians aren’t too big on beer, so we served brandy.  Apparently a lot of sub-continentals took a liking to it during the British occupation of India.

I mentioned my friend Ted Johnson before.  He runs and knew the real-life models his animated hot casino waitresses were based on.  I told him I was making some Indian food so he invited a very attractive young Indian lady over.  Silly me, I always though Indians dressed conservatively, but Bindi was wearing a tube top and a miniskirt.  I really need to get to know Ted better.

But that’s not all.  It turns out Bindi knows a lot of Indian ladies too.  Ted asked if a couple of them could join us and I was happy to oblige.  It turns out they work in the web industry too.  They brought David Gent, who is head of content at  I actually knew David pretty well a few back when he worked in online banking.  We’d lost touch but wow did he take a career turn!!

A few of the guys and I got a little tipsy on the brandy.  Bindi didn’t drink, but the porn girls were both power drinkers.  Maybe that goes along with being a porn star.

Anyway, David was cool.  We checked out his site and it was great.  I mean there is something similar with all porn sites, but it had a lot of different material types, a good search engine, and most importantly, all the women they had were extremely hot.

And speaking of hot, the brandy liberated our Asian friends a little and they wanted to, um,  practice their craft some later into the night.  This is more of a family friendly blog though, so we’ll just leave it at that 😉


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