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Breakfast for Dinner

We used to do this back home sometimes – make breakfast food for dinner.  And breakfast food as kind of like desert so that’s especially good.  I thought of this idea, but I did have one reservation.  If would mean that I couldn’t try to get Mya to stay and tell her she could have breakfast with me in the morning.  Have to think of a new line there.

Anyway, I decided to make Belgian-style crepes.  With the French influence in Canada, this is popular and you can get some good materials.  I’ve always felt that in a crepe, the most important thing is the pastry or pancake if you want to call it that.

I have a local bakery and I picked up some very good ones.  Light and fluffy.  So I started with that.  I filled them with a variety of things…  spiced apple, blueberries, strawberries, I used sweet cheese in some.  Then of course I covered them in whipped cream and toppings consistent with the inside.  I put some fresh fruit on the side too.

It was breakfast time so we had orange juice.  But it was also dinner time so we had vodka.  I believe the “orange juice” the guys were having was a lot more vodka than oj.  We also had Bloody Marys, which work for all hours of the day.  I like to use Absolute Peppar with a liberal amount of tabasco,  a little Worcheshire, and a some Guinness on top.  I had some leftover Guinness from that keg we had the other night.  It’s rare that you can find a use for stale Guinness.

Everyone loved the food and the concept, but Ted was a little taken back by the spiciness of the Bloody Mary’s.  The Asian girls tend to like spicy stuff.  Mya came which I was happy about and she was very friendly.  But she didn’t stay the night with me.  I still don’t know what’s going on with that girl…

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