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Surf and Turf

Most people don’t realize how good the Surf and Turf is in Toronto.  First, it’s not that far from Main, where the best lobsters come from.  Fishing is big in Toronto, and guys go East from time to time to try their hand at lobster fishing.  You can always buy something fresh for a good price.

Second, you aren’t far north of Chicago, where the best steaks are.  They raise cattle in Texas and Oklahoma, then in the last 6 months of their lives, they are driven up to Illinois to feed on all that corn they have.  Then they are slaughtered in Chicago and eaten wherever.  I’ve been know to drive all the way to Chicago just for a weekend of good food, and maybe just a little card play at the riverboat casino which happens to have the best casino bonus offers of all the casinos in Illinois even better than the one I read about in the leovegas online casino review and the

This was kind of a big deal tonight.  We weren’t going to be able to get together for a while  Ted was going to the Caymans to kick off an operation there.  Eric was trying to get funding.  Dave was bring his girls to Fiji for a porn shoot.  No kidding!  lol.

So I boiled all the lobsters whole.  To be fair, you have to already have the water at a rolling boil and drop the lobster in head first so they don’t suffer.  1 lobster takes 1 whole pot to cooking a number them takes hours.  For the steaks, I am the grillmaster.  I went with T-Bone and nice soy-style marinade.  I typically do them medium rare, but a few of the girls want filet mignon or a longer cook time, so I accomodate.  I grilled some asparagus on the side which I thought was a nice touch.  Another cool thing I thought I’d do is bring a few beers of every type we’ve shared together over the past several months.

After eating, everyone stuck around.  It was mostly the guys playing cards are gambling online with Asian casino สมัครคาสิโนออนไลน์, drinking, and smoking cigars in the “play room”, as I call it.  And the girls were doing, well, whatever girls get together and do.  We had a great time – I think this was the best dinner party yet.   I put together a really good meal and cleaned up at the poker table.   Oh and btw, I cleaned up with Bindi too 🙂


I usually plan the dinner affairs and I usually cook them too.  But this weekend I wanted to do something different and go to a Brazilian Steakhouse, known as a churrascia.  If you’ve never men, waiters called guachos dress sort of like matadors and run around the restaurant with all different cuts of mean.  They are all very good, but some are very high end like filet mignon, and some are small spicy chicken cutlets for instance.

You have a card on your table that’s either green or red.  If it’s green, the runners are constantly stopping by your table asking if you want what they have.  When your plate is full, you turn the card to red.  The food is great, the places are usually pretty expensive, and it’s kind of a party atmosphere where most parties are large,

So I invited the whole gang.  Ted, Eric, and David are regulars.  I had some other friends from various places.  But when I get especially Ted and David, I’m hoping they will bring some women.  Ted used to be brand manager at OnlineCasinoEmbassy but is now a technical manager at free spins no deposit which are both very popular online casino websites, but they have models that pose for the animated models on his site and he knows a few.  He hangs out with an attractive girl named Bindi a lot.  I think they are just friends but she is very sexy in a coy way.  You constantly find yourself wondering what she’d be like in the sack.

David is his own story.  He’s head of content at  He knows a lot of the “talent” there and it seems like he knows every Asian porn star in the business.  But he’s mild manners – he doesn’t seem to pursue anything with them though the ones he hangs with are wild around him and us.

Because this is kind of a party event, I got the whole gang to go.  David brought 3 porn stars (again).  We’d met Kia before.   Another girl named Tera came and then there was Mya.  Tera has breasts that had to be fake but were still amazing, and all David’s girls dress like they are heading straight to work at the strip club after the meal.

We had a great time.  I stuck mostly to garlic steak and filet.  The other folks experimented more.  You eat so much at these places that you don’t talk that much.  But David girl Mya was talking in her own language.  She tounge the sausage links, talk about the kind of penis she liked, and on and on.  I wonder if she was just trying to draw attention?  Of course she doesn’t have to try – her body, face, and outfits do enough of that!

Mya kind of dominated the conversation but I think that was fine with the guys.  They had some great wine and beers from around the worth there.  I got a little tipsy and tried to get Mya back to my place.  I don’t know about these girls – they push the line but seem to be big teases in the end.  Of course they can’t really be – they screw on camera for the world.

I actually tried to get Mya back to my place when we were ready to leave.  She was friendly but declined.  I imagined in my mind what those girls might be doing without me.  I’m going to have to pull something out of that relationship sometime.  What’s the point of knowing a bigwig

Route 66

I decided to throw a Route 66 dinner party and invited some of my trading friends, which was a huge mistake, because the only thing they talked about at the table was hoe koop je cryptocurrency. Oh well thankfully we had a wide selection of what you’d see in America.  Burgers, hot dogs, and chili were some of the staples.  I also made some corn dogs fresh in my deep fryer.  The chili was my Mom’s recipe, spicy but complex, with cheese and onions on top.  And most of the guys wanted chili on their dogs.

For the beer, this was Americana, so we served typical American beer – Bud Light, Miller, and we threw in some Sam Adams for the snobs.  Most of the guys up here in Canada tend to like the more robust English style beer better, so I’m not sure they were excited about the beer, but theme is important too.

The girls actually liked the mile-tasting American beer.  Bindi drank quite a bit of Bud Light.  David brought Kia and another girl I’d never met before.  They both tended to prefer the American beer too.  All the girls liked the chili.  They said it reminded them of some SouthEast Asian dish, which I didn’t totally understand.

Mya actually couldn’t make it today.  I really like her but she is mysterious and not in an entirely good way.  She doesn’t tell me what she’s doing and I feel like our relationship is very casual to her.

Breakfast for Dinner

We used to do this back home sometimes – make breakfast food for dinner.  And breakfast food as kind of like desert so that’s especially good.  I thought of this idea, but I did have one reservation.  If would mean that I couldn’t try to get Mya to stay and tell her she could have breakfast with me in the morning.  Have to think of a new line there.

Anyway, I decided to make Belgian-style crepes.  With the French influence in Canada, this is popular and you can get some good materials.  I’ve always felt that in a crepe, the most important thing is the pastry or pancake if you want to call it that.

I have a local bakery and I picked up some very good ones.  Light and fluffy.  So I started with that.  I filled them with a variety of things…  spiced apple, blueberries, strawberries, I used sweet cheese in some.  Then of course I covered them in whipped cream and toppings consistent with the inside.  I put some fresh fruit on the side too.

It was breakfast time so we had orange juice.  But it was also dinner time so we had vodka.  I believe the “orange juice” the guys were having was a lot more vodka than oj.  We also had Bloody Marys, which work for all hours of the day.  I like to use Absolute Peppar with a liberal amount of tabasco,  a little Worcheshire, and a some Guinness on top.  I had some leftover Guinness from that keg we had the other night.  It’s rare that you can find a use for stale Guinness.

Everyone loved the food and the concept, but Ted was a little taken back by the spiciness of the Bloody Mary’s.  The Asian girls tend to like spicy stuff.  Mya came which I was happy about and she was very friendly.  But she didn’t stay the night with me.  I still don’t know what’s going on with that girl…

Wild Game

Since I’ve got a lot of wild friends, I figured I’d have wild game night.  This is pretty big in Canada, though not so much Toronto specifically.  There are a lot of people who go out West and live on the land, quite well actually.  They sell a lot of what they catch back to butchers in the city.  An elk or a moose is a huge amount of meet.

I was thinking of going mixed game, but I don’t know too much about the different types.  I went to my favorite local butcher and he said he’s getting some good elk this season.  I’ve heard that’s gamey kind of like venison but a little more robust like maybe buffalo.  So that’s what we’ll do.

I bought some large elk steaks and marinated them heavily in a dark sauce with a rather heavy amount of Burgundy.  I figured I’d serve Burgundy with the meal as well.  Since elk is kind of manly, I also served Guinness.   I sprung for a keg because Guinness just isn’t the same if it’s not draft.

I invited all the usual suspects, but this was kind of a guy’s meal so it was a sausage party.  The steaks were huge but the guys loved them and we had no leftovers.  The guys liked the burgundy too, but we all like Guinness and enjoyed that.  I have to say for just a few guys we drank the better part of a keg!

Without the ladies, we decided to break out some cigars.  Ted had a few Cuban Coronas and we played some poker too.  Without the feminine distractions, I did pretty well, making enough to cover the evening’s cuisine.

My only regret was I went to bed alone tonight and played some online casino games, i’m happy that you can pay and betaal met ideal bij online casinos, but this was without Maya. Hopefully she thinks of me!

Relations with Vietnam

So I’d been moving through the Pacific – I figured I’d stop at Vietnam.  Not literally, but cooking-wise.  Not a lot of North Americans eat Vietnamese because we’ve been so isolated from them since the war.  But Vietnamese food is quite good.

As we know, the French controlled them for a long period before the American-Vietnam war and the French are known for their fabulous cooking (though not necessarily their war-fighting).  If you ever visit Vietnam, it has a decidedly 3rd world Asian jungle vibe, like much of the area.  But it also has some great pastry shops, wine and cheese, and the sort of stuff you’d see in France.

Also, the food fits the trend of what poor people in that geography eat — rice, lots of vegetables, and little meat.  It’s also spicy.  It’s just that they do it all better than other countries in the region.  I actually got this catered because I really don’t have the French technique for cooking.  But the meal consisted of a mixture of local greens which included leaks and garlic, there was a good bit of fragrant rice, and the veggies were mixed with a relatively small amount of beef.  They drink French wine there and we had Bordet.  We also got some Vietnamese beer, but it had a ginger taste and really wasn’t to my taste (or anyone else’s).

Ted and Eric came.  I think Dave’s actually mad at me over my hook up with Mya so he didn’t show but she did.  She was as always nice, sexy, and outgoing, but seemed to almost go out of her way to make it clear that she and I were NOT dating.  The group conversation was a little more serious this time.  We talked about world travel and the America-Vietnam war in specific.  Many many Canadians are ex-patriots from the US so they could avoid the draft and Canadians in general still think the US was stupid to go into Vietnam.

So the attitude is much different than in the US – most people in Canada like Americans but tease them horribly for being international war-mongers.  Any, everyone loved the food and the wine, thanks to the caterer.  Mya actually didn’t drink much which was unusual.

As people were leaving, I struck up a conversation with Mya and I thought it would wind up being about how her life was complicated and we couldn’t date and so on.  But before we started talking much, I asked her if she wanted to hang out with just she and I for a while.   She did and she very quickly turned sexual, which was very different from her aloof attitude at dinner.

Mya is totally intoxicating because she is interesting and so hot.  But I don’t want to get to into her just because she’s so good in bed.   That is her job, and it might seem something different to her.


Pacific Islander wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but I’d been pretty much around the world already, so I just settled on it.  But it didn’t take me long to realize it was a good idea.

First, you’ve got the seafood, the fruit, the roast pig, fruity drinks, all good stuff there.  And second, (or wait, I think this is first) all the hangaround hotties we have are Asian.  Maybe that will inspire them and finally put them in the right mood for some late night fun.

So I decided to go with kind of a funky salad.  I found a great pork place and got some great cuts of mildly charred pork cutlets.  I chopped those up with some fresh pineapple, fresh wild greens, a little coconut and some English walnuts (ok, not Pacific Islander, but they taste good).  I tossed it in a wine vinaigrette with an unusually sweet flavor.

So the Asian thing got Dave over and several of his Asian darlings came.  We picked up some beer from New Zealand.  I thought that was very unique, but it was really no different than a Foster’s or a British Lager.  We also picked up some Syrah, a high-potency wine from Australia.   We like high alcohol concentration 🙂

Everyone loved the food.  The guys enjoyed the beer and the girls loved the wine.  I don’t think they realized it was about twice as strong as American.  A couple of them were pretty drunk.  I also whipped up some tropical drinks – Malibu served with fruit juice in a pineapple hull.  The girls enjoyed that.  The fellas didn’t think it was half bad either.

So the conversation went to the site again.  I don’t think Dave is comfortable with that being brought up every time.   I’ll admit I do it deliberately, but the girls (except Bindi) actually like to talk about it.  And after a few drinks they go into some elaborate detail.

Mya was here again and she looked sexier than ever.  I told her that I was hoping she’d cum and I picked the dinner theme just because I thought she’d like it.  I don’t know if she was just drunk or bought my cheesy lines but she got awful friendly with me.

As I was saying bye to the folks I asked Mya if she’d wanted to sleep the booze off and head back in the morning.  And she was up for that!  And I guess practice makes perfect because being on really taught her some things.  I don’t know if this will be a relationship thing though.  Mya isn’t exactly a 1-woman man I don’t think.

African Night?

Well, I wanted to do something different.  I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything good about African food, and with everyone over there starving it must not be too good.  But I’m always up for something new (or old, if it involves the porn stars coming back over.)

I have some friends I knew socially and from some trade shows and other places.  The usual crowd didn’t show.  So I read up on African food.  It does vary somewhat over the continent — Africa is a big place.  But it generally involves tortillas, rice, a small amount of meat — probably chicken.  And a lot of spicy sauce.  African meat can have a tendency to be a bit rancid.

One positive is there is really no global food entities, so what food you do get tends to be local and farm raised.  It’s a little hard to shop for African in Toronto, so I went to the ethnic store, which is more like the Mexican store.  I picked up some tortillas; I got some rice.  I doubt the rice was African but it was a fragrant type I’d never had before, so I went with it.  I picked up some chicken (the fresh was probably less authentic, but I figured I could handle the difference).  I talked to a guy there and they did have some herbs and a sauce that were of an African variety.  The sauce was dark, and the herbs were mostly cumin and coriander.

I found some African beer too.  I can’t pronounce it so I won’t even try to spell it.  After getting home, I realized I had no clue how to cook African so I did it kind of like Mexican.  Fresh tortillas stuffed with rice…  I put some tomatoes in there though I don’t know if that’s authentic.  I had some green herbs that I sliced fine and put that in there.  And I made the cause with the powdered spices and what I bought from the bottle.   I let it stew slow and it was actually very fragrant and nice.  After cooking the chicken I doused it in the source and into the tortilla it went.

The guys showed.  We normally start eating and drinking at the same time, but they were so curious about the beer we started with the liquid dinner.  The beer was actually pretty good!  It reminded me of a European beer — light colored but flavorful.  I wasn’t too scared of the food because I figure the problem with African food is lack of it and health — not taste.  So we all started chowing down and it was really good!  The spicy sauce was great – kind of like Indian but less heat and more flavor.  Thicker too.

So this was one of my milder nights but still a good time.  I talked with some of the guys about my poker site.  Most of them wanted a sportsbook addition.  I think that’s a good idea.  Sports betting isn’t frowned on like other gambling.  I told them about the porn stars who visited the other night.  They all acted like they thought I was full of it, but then they all seemed extra excited to come over again.  Maybe I’ll start charging admission!

Poker Night

Since most of us work in the gaming industry now, I decided to have poker night with the guys.  I figured this would just be the guys but Bindi came with Ted Johnson.  And she looked good!   I figured he brought her as a good luck charm and to distract the guys.

You know, I’ve rarely known women to enjoy gambling or even know anything about it.  But it seems like they love to be around it.  Maybe it’s just all that money that turns him on.

I work at a site that’s geared around slots and so does Ted.  But nobody plays that at home, so we stuck to mostly 7 card stud.  None of us are really huge rollers.  It was a buy in of $100 each.  Of course Bindi’s buy in was just looking hot.

I started off well.  Two kings in the hole.  It’s better to start getting lucky early before someone gets a read on you.  I cleaned up pretty good on that one hand.  We played for several hours.  I had some good scotch which we started off with.  Other than that, I just had a general selection of beers – nothing in particular.  I did pick up some nice Cuban cigars those.  I was surprised that all the guys partook of those.  Even Bindi enjoyed a few puffs.

Food wise, this wasn’t really dinner night, so I kind of went lazy and pulled out the leftovers.  It wasn’t too bad – we had some roast beef sandwiches and I did cook up some hamburgers.  I did happen to have one ribeye left over from a few weeks ago.  I cooked a steak sandwich for myself.  Hey, I get to be King in my own house.

Unfortunately, the pair of kings I started out playing with and being the King of the steak sandwich ended my royal stint.  The game went back and forth a lot, but as it got later and we got drunker, Ted started racking up.  I think Bindi’s two perky breasts started seeming more important than my two cards.  Maybe that was Ted’s plan.

We played kind of late into the night, talked about technology, as well as the wild girls from the other night.  I think Bindi got a little embarrassed by that.  But she was Ted’s sexy shill, so maybe it served her right.  Turns out Ted cleaned up in the end, probably because of Bindi and her, um, distractions.

Ted will be buying the beers next time.

Spy Night

So maybe I’d been trying to take advantage of the girls the last few times.  I invited Eric Anderson over to talk about his website  These sites are useful at work and with what’s going on these days I don’t really like going to anything controversial at home without using an anonymous proxy.

He was excited about it because he thought it represented the future where governments and corporations wouldn’t control access to information.  I tend to agree.  And while I’m not sure how much different it makes in Canada, it really means something in China or Singapore or other controlling states where much of the world is blocked out.  You can’t even get American news in China.  I can imagine a day where high strength encryption and anonymity are standard for all browsers.  There are parts of the world where you can even contribute freedom from government tyranny to anonymous browsing.  For instance, much of the Arab Spring would not have happened without the ability to freely communicate.

I’d mentioned that I work for a gambling site, and while they aren’t always illegal, it’s just as well that you’re bank and tax agents don’t know that you’re money’s being used in that way.  You could be accused of money laundering and of course if you won you’d be subject to taxes.  We at slot prince actually give out accounts and urls to anonymous proxies for people to use our site.  It’s highly encouraged.

So back to the food…  well, I know the Cold War isn’t really the centerpiece of spying anymore, but it is iconic, so I went with Eastern European and Russian fare.  I made some borscht.  I’d never made that before and didn’t think I’d like it, but it was actually delicious!  All my friends loved it!  (BTW, we didn’t have any of the ladies show up tonight – I think they found anonymous proxy a little less interesting than some of our other themes.)  So it was guys night.

I served beer from different parts of Eastern Europe.  Czech and Austrian beer is very good – pretty much like German beer.  As you get further away from Germany, the concept of beer gets a little different and I believe flavor takes a back seat to high alcohol content.

The borscht was probably the highlight of our cuisine.  Eastern European food isn’t especially interesting.  I probably could have stayed close to the German cuisine and done ok, but I went more with further East and into Russia.  Potatoes seem big there.  I made some perogies which were good, but there’s really nothing special about Russian meat.  I don’t think they eat much meat in Russia.  Even the spicy wasn’t to my liking.

So, the geek inside me took the place of the perv tonight.  I thought we did have a good conversation about the revolution anonymous browsing was taking place in the world.  And there are a lot of technological particulars with it.  I feel like the fellas actually felt much more comfortable tonight.

I started thinking about their situations.   They are managers in companies where a lot of sexy women work and some are trying to sleep their way up.  These are career-minded guys so I think it actually makes me uncomfortable sometimes.  Tech shops are typically geeky guys and a few geeky girls, so it must be really out of place for them.  I still don’t think I’d mind though 🙂