Eating with Samuel

My dinner adventures


I usually plan the dinner affairs and I usually cook them too.  But this weekend I wanted to do something different and go to a Brazilian Steakhouse, known as a churrascia.  If you’ve never men, waiters called guachos dress sort of like matadors and run around the restaurant with all different cuts of mean.  They are all very good, but some are very high end like filet mignon, and some are small spicy chicken cutlets for instance.

You have a card on your table that’s either green or red.  If it’s green, the runners are constantly stopping by your table asking if you want what they have.  When your plate is full, you turn the card to red.  The food is great, the places are usually pretty expensive, and it’s kind of a party atmosphere where most parties are large,

So I invited the whole gang.  Ted, Eric, and David are regulars.  I had some other friends from various places.  But when I get especially Ted and David, I’m hoping they will bring some women.  Ted used to be brand manager at OnlineCasinoEmbassy but is now a technical manager at free spins no deposit which are both very popular online casino websites, but they have models that pose for the animated models on his site and he knows a few.  He hangs out with an attractive girl named Bindi a lot.  I think they are just friends but she is very sexy in a coy way.  You constantly find yourself wondering what she’d be like in the sack.

David is his own story.  He’s head of content at  He knows a lot of the “talent” there and it seems like he knows every Asian porn star in the business.  But he’s mild manners – he doesn’t seem to pursue anything with them though the ones he hangs with are wild around him and us.

Because this is kind of a party event, I got the whole gang to go.  David brought 3 porn stars (again).  We’d met Kia before.   Another girl named Tera came and then there was Mya.  Tera has breasts that had to be fake but were still amazing, and all David’s girls dress like they are heading straight to work at the strip club after the meal.

We had a great time.  I stuck mostly to garlic steak and filet.  The other folks experimented more.  You eat so much at these places that you don’t talk that much.  But David girl Mya was talking in her own language.  She tounge the sausage links, talk about the kind of penis she liked, and on and on.  I wonder if she was just trying to draw attention?  Of course she doesn’t have to try – her body, face, and outfits do enough of that!

Mya kind of dominated the conversation but I think that was fine with the guys.  They had some great wine and beers from around the worth there.  I got a little tipsy and tried to get Mya back to my place.  I don’t know about these girls – they push the line but seem to be big teases in the end.  Of course they can’t really be – they screw on camera for the world.

I actually tried to get Mya back to my place when we were ready to leave.  She was friendly but declined.  I imagined in my mind what those girls might be doing without me.  I’m going to have to pull something out of that relationship sometime.  What’s the point of knowing a bigwig

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