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Dinner with Ted

I hosted one of my regular dinner parties last night.  I made Chinese Szechuan style – that’s spicy for you at home.  I brought some Tsing Tao beer  to go with the Chinese theme.  I had some neighbors and I also invited Ted Johnson.  He’s the technical manager at another casino site —

I know hat makes Ted the competition, but I didn’t poison him 🙂  Actually we had a lot to discuss.  There is so much going on in the online gaming world with the relaxed regulation and the ability to play from anywhere.

Call me biased but I think SlotPrince has better graphics, is faster, and more interactive.  But Ted is doing some cool stuff too.  SlotTavern is set in the theme of a hip bar that has lots of slot machines and table games.  You are “served drinks” by sexy waitresses and sometimes they will give you a free bet.  He had a group picture with a lot of the models the online girls are based on .  Next dinner party I’m definitely getting him to invite some of his “friends” over!

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