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Tonight I decided to go South of the Border.  Not South of our border, but south of the US border.  Actually, I’ve always preferred Tex-Mex, so maybe I’m just way south of our border and a little north of the mexican border.

Toronto has some great restaurants but Mexican isn’t too big here.  I always liked spicy food and that’s not especially popular in Canada either.   I made 3 different type of burritos for everyone – 1 cheese, 1 chicken, and 1 beef.  It’s typical to put the lettuce, tomato, salsa, and hot sauce on top of the burritos.  Being Canada, I wasn’t sure if my mates would want very much hot sauce, so I just left a few brands on the table.

I was a little surprised though.  While my buddies didn’t seem too enthused, the Asian ladies loved the spices and thought the meal was great.  How can they eat like that and still look so good?  I served Del Sol as part of the Mexican theme.  I had to go to 8 liquor stores before I found any.  It’s a little like Corona but better.  In fact, I’ve heard the Mexicans view Corona as the cheap beer and they tend to drink other Mexican-style beers.

The girls seem to all big big drinkers – much more so than I’d have imagined.  Eric Anderson seemed to enjoy the Mexican beer the best.  He was getting a little friendly with some of the girls, but I’m not sure they were interested — not tonight anyway.  They have gotten frisky before.  Maybe next time…

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