Eating with Samuel

My dinner adventures


Hi!  I’m Samuel Adams from Toronto.  I’m a graphic designer for the online casino website  My job is great, and not to brag, but we have the best online casino website out there.  I’ve always worked in technology but this is interesting because of the fun, money, and excitement.  They are always cutting edge,  so I can get attuned to the latest technology.

We all like poker too. I am a graphic designer at a site called and my friend Ted Adams is technical manager at a online slots website.  Then there is David Gent, content manager at the asian porn tube website  I know know if he makes money or not, but he definitely knows a lot of babes, so he’s always good to run around with.  Lastly, Eric Anderson is a guy I go way back with.  He started putting up website before they were cool  He’s a big developer at a place called It’s a anonymous proxy website, but the rest of us guys love it, because it’s a way to keep you employer or government or whoever from finding out what you are doing with gambling sites, port sites, or anything banned.

My real passion though  is my dinner parties with my buddies and co-workers where I cook some of my faves along with some attempts at new things.  I also like trying different varieties of beer.  I’m having these guys over tonight.  I’m going to make something simple – like burgers.  But I’m asking everyone to bring a 6 pack or his favorite microbrew.  Those are harder to find, so it’s be interesting to see what they come up with.

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