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Meat and Potatoes

I got the group together this weekend for another dinner party.  This time it was man’s food – steak and steak fries.  My flat has an outdoor grill and I make a pretty nice steak.  I tend to prefer medium-rare ribeye.  But I’ll cook to taste if requested.  Some of the ladies prefer filet.  I like a good filet; they are just always too small.

Anyway, these were marinated for days.  I got some fresh potatoes at the farmer’s market for my steak fries and that was great.  And I found a nice local brewery that made a thick European style lager.  So the meal was great.

Ted showed so we had some casino talk.  We’re really not supposed to play on the websites we work on.  But we both love blackjack and practice strategy – when to hit, split, double, and so on.  He went to Vegas a few times and made out pretty good.  I’ve played in some of the more nearby casinos and not done so great.  I’m actually pretty good until the beer starts flowing.

Ted also brought 2 girls that model for his site.  Mandy and Kat – very cute.  I don’t think they like talking about cards, but they do peek up when you talk about winning money.  We’re going to have to find a way to incorporate sexy girls into my site!

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