Eating with Samuel

My dinner adventures

Aphrodisiac Night

OK.  Tonight I figured I’d bring out the wild side of some of these girls.  Ted usually brings Bindi – one of the models from his SlotTavern site.  She probably has some cute friends too – I need to make some inroads there.  DavidGent hit the gold mine getting involved with  He’s always got wild girls around.  He used to be in such conservative industries – I think he might have gotten into the porn just to meet the girls!

Anyway, I got David to invite a few of the girls tonight.  Kiki, Niko, and Asia all came.  Bindi was away this time but David showed.  I was feeling a little naughty tonight.  I made Italian food with clams and oysters and some herbal aphrodisiacs I found at an herbal store.  I bought a case of fortified wine, so I figured this was my best shot to see what these girls would do.

The ladies loved the food.  As usual they went pretty heavy on the alcohol.  So we were chatting a bit and I asked David what it was like to work for a porn website.  He got a little geeky on me, talking about javascript and css.  I didn’t wanted to be offensive but I was getting annoyed.  I said, “What are your co-workers like?”

Niko chimed up.  She said, “we all get along great!”.  I said, “so what kinds of things do they have you do?”  Anyway, it wasn’t too long before the girls were touching each other.  I was a little surprised by David – he really seemed uncomfortable with it.  But I proposed a few scenes and the girls were happy to oblige.  I was more into watching this time I guess.  I think David knew the game I was playing and was a little upset.

He’ll get over it 😉


Hola Amigos

Tonight I decided to go South of the Border.  Not South of our border, but south of the US border.  Actually, I’ve always preferred Tex-Mex, so maybe I’m just way south of our border and a little north of the mexican border.

Toronto has some great restaurants but Mexican isn’t too big here.  I always liked spicy food and that’s not especially popular in Canada either.   I made 3 different type of burritos for everyone – 1 cheese, 1 chicken, and 1 beef.  It’s typical to put the lettuce, tomato, salsa, and hot sauce on top of the burritos.  Being Canada, I wasn’t sure if my mates would want very much hot sauce, so I just left a few brands on the table.

I was a little surprised though.  While my buddies didn’t seem too enthused, the Asian ladies loved the spices and thought the meal was great.  How can they eat like that and still look so good?  I served Del Sol as part of the Mexican theme.  I had to go to 8 liquor stores before I found any.  It’s a little like Corona but better.  In fact, I’ve heard the Mexicans view Corona as the cheap beer and they tend to drink other Mexican-style beers.

The girls seem to all big big drinkers – much more so than I’d have imagined.  Eric Anderson seemed to enjoy the Mexican beer the best.  He was getting a little friendly with some of the girls, but I’m not sure they were interested — not tonight anyway.  They have gotten frisky before.  Maybe next time…

Meat and Potatoes

I got the group together this weekend for another dinner party.  This time it was man’s food – steak and steak fries.  My flat has an outdoor grill and I make a pretty nice steak.  I tend to prefer medium-rare ribeye.  But I’ll cook to taste if requested.  Some of the ladies prefer filet.  I like a good filet; they are just always too small.

Anyway, these were marinated for days.  I got some fresh potatoes at the farmer’s market for my steak fries and that was great.  And I found a nice local brewery that made a thick European style lager.  So the meal was great.

Ted showed so we had some casino talk.  We’re really not supposed to play on the websites we work on.  But we both love blackjack and practice strategy – when to hit, split, double, and so on.  He went to Vegas a few times and made out pretty good.  I’ve played in some of the more nearby casinos and not done so great.  I’m actually pretty good until the beer starts flowing.

Ted also brought 2 girls that model for his site.  Mandy and Kat – very cute.  I don’t think they like talking about cards, but they do peek up when you talk about winning money.  We’re going to have to find a way to incorporate sexy girls into my site!

Wine and Cheese

We decided to go a little fancy tonight and have a wine and cheese party.  I did get a plate of cold cuts just for some substance.  But Canada tends to have better selections of authentic French delicacies than the States.

I’ve always liked Brie.  So we started out with some nice Brie with crackers and I had some good Chardonnay to go with that.  We went with some Gouda after that.  It’s got a smoky flavor that I like and went good with Merlot.  Then we went with another hard cheese, Gruyere, served with Sauvignon Blanc.

We took a little break and some people ate some of the cold cuts.  A couple of the girls grabbed an extra glass of wine.

I went with Stilton this time.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s what all the rich people in London eat and I wanted to present the image of success.  It was served with Sauternes.  I was serving small portions of wine as we were doing about 8 glasses, but some of the crowd, even a few of the girls, were starting to get tipsy already.

I served Feta at the end.  I like the saltiness of it.  We served that with Beaujolais.  I can hold my alcohol pretty well, but a lot of the crowd were tipsy.  Some had gone back into the wine for more.  I was talking with David Gent, asking how was going.  I guess it was going better than I thought!  He’d brought Mia and Kia, who both worked at the site.  I’ll admit they had stood out from the beginning.

Some of these girls can drink too!  I was kind of surprised.  But it was nice to have a good mixture of good friends and hot outgoing girls.  David’s girls didn’t really put on a show, but they did tease a little bit.  It made me wonder what he would be doing with them later.  I’ll have to get David especially over here more often!

Asian Night

OK, I like Asian and I cooked some pretty good Tandoori chicken, but that’s not why this was Asian night.  I invited some friends over for one of my usual Saturday night dinners.  It turns out Asians aren’t too big on beer, so we served brandy.  Apparently a lot of sub-continentals took a liking to it during the British occupation of India.

I mentioned my friend Ted Johnson before.  He runs and knew the real-life models his animated hot casino waitresses were based on.  I told him I was making some Indian food so he invited a very attractive young Indian lady over.  Silly me, I always though Indians dressed conservatively, but Bindi was wearing a tube top and a miniskirt.  I really need to get to know Ted better.

But that’s not all.  It turns out Bindi knows a lot of Indian ladies too.  Ted asked if a couple of them could join us and I was happy to oblige.  It turns out they work in the web industry too.  They brought David Gent, who is head of content at  I actually knew David pretty well a few back when he worked in online banking.  We’d lost touch but wow did he take a career turn!!

A few of the guys and I got a little tipsy on the brandy.  Bindi didn’t drink, but the porn girls were both power drinkers.  Maybe that goes along with being a porn star.

Anyway, David was cool.  We checked out his site and it was great.  I mean there is something similar with all porn sites, but it had a lot of different material types, a good search engine, and most importantly, all the women they had were extremely hot.

And speaking of hot, the brandy liberated our Asian friends a little and they wanted to, um,  practice their craft some later into the night.  This is more of a family friendly blog though, so we’ll just leave it at that 😉


Anonymous Dining ;)

I held another of my famous dinner parties over the weekend.  I’ve joined some development social groups here in Toronto and I’ve met a lot of people in the community.  I’ve been hobnobbing with a lot of the people in the website development community.  In particular, I’ve been looking into the “grey” websites, like gaming and anonymous activity.  They aren’t illegal but there is always that risk of them being outlawed or restricted.  I enjoy looking into how they maintain their users’ privacy.

I’d been hanging out a lot with Eric Anderson.  He’s he’s the senior developer at  They are an anonymous proxy.  What that means is you can go through the anonymous site to get to another site without being detected, blocked, logged, and so forth.  These proxy sites don’t record who comes in nor where people go out to, so even a government agent with a subpoena couldn’t find much info.

There’s a big advantage to the anonymous proxy sites.  So many companies log or block where you can go and you can even get fired for just trying to access something they don’t care for.  And that might just be a competitor website — you really have no idea what they are looking for.

Then you have a situations where the government blocks access to websites.  So your computer doesn’t have the problem but somewhere you are being kept from getting to where you want to go.  This could happen with a gaming website that was offshore.  Your government could configure the major routers that move traffic outside the country from taking you to a gaming site.

But, if an anonymous proxy existed offshore, it would be less likely to be blocked by your government.  And you could get from there to a gaming site that was also located offshore.

Much of the Arab Spring communication was facilitated by anonymous servers.  They can be of great service to democracy and free communication.

Dinner with Ted

I hosted one of my regular dinner parties last night.  I made Chinese Szechuan style – that’s spicy for you at home.  I brought some Tsing Tao beer  to go with the Chinese theme.  I had some neighbors and I also invited Ted Johnson.  He’s the technical manager at another casino site —

I know hat makes Ted the competition, but I didn’t poison him 🙂  Actually we had a lot to discuss.  There is so much going on in the online gaming world with the relaxed regulation and the ability to play from anywhere.

Call me biased but I think SlotPrince has better graphics, is faster, and more interactive.  But Ted is doing some cool stuff too.  SlotTavern is set in the theme of a hip bar that has lots of slot machines and table games.  You are “served drinks” by sexy waitresses and sometimes they will give you a free bet.  He had a group picture with a lot of the models the online girls are based on .  Next dinner party I’m definitely getting him to invite some of his “friends” over!


Hi!  I’m Samuel Adams from Toronto.  I’m a graphic designer for the online casino website  My job is great, and not to brag, but we have the best online casino website out there.  I’ve always worked in technology but this is interesting because of the fun, money, and excitement.  They are always cutting edge,  so I can get attuned to the latest technology.

We all like poker too. I am a graphic designer at a site called and my friend Ted Adams is technical manager at a online slots website.  Then there is David Gent, content manager at the asian porn tube website  I know know if he makes money or not, but he definitely knows a lot of babes, so he’s always good to run around with.  Lastly, Eric Anderson is a guy I go way back with.  He started putting up website before they were cool  He’s a big developer at a place called It’s a anonymous proxy website, but the rest of us guys love it, because it’s a way to keep you employer or government or whoever from finding out what you are doing with gambling sites, port sites, or anything banned.

My real passion though  is my dinner parties with my buddies and co-workers where I cook some of my faves along with some attempts at new things.  I also like trying different varieties of beer.  I’m having these guys over tonight.  I’m going to make something simple – like burgers.  But I’m asking everyone to bring a 6 pack or his favorite microbrew.  Those are harder to find, so it’s be interesting to see what they come up with.