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Poker Night

Since most of us work in the gaming industry now, I decided to have poker night with the guys.  I figured this would just be the guys but Bindi came with Ted Johnson.  And she looked good!   I figured he brought her as a good luck charm and to distract the guys.

You know, I’ve rarely known women to enjoy gambling or even know anything about it.  But it seems like they love to be around it.  Maybe it’s just all that money that turns him on.

I work at a site that’s geared around slots and so does Ted.  But nobody plays that at home, so we stuck to mostly 7 card stud.  None of us are really huge rollers.  It was a buy in of $100 each.  Of course Bindi’s buy in was just looking hot.

I started off well.  Two kings in the hole.  It’s better to start getting lucky early before someone gets a read on you.  I cleaned up pretty good on that one hand.  We played for several hours.  I had some good scotch which we started off with.  Other than that, I just had a general selection of beers – nothing in particular.  I did pick up some nice Cuban cigars those.  I was surprised that all the guys partook of those.  Even Bindi enjoyed a few puffs.

Food wise, this wasn’t really dinner night, so I kind of went lazy and pulled out the leftovers.  It wasn’t too bad – we had some roast beef sandwiches and I did cook up some hamburgers.  I did happen to have one ribeye left over from a few weeks ago.  I cooked a steak sandwich for myself.  Hey, I get to be King in my own house.

Unfortunately, the pair of kings I started out playing with and being the King of the steak sandwich ended my royal stint.  The game went back and forth a lot, but as it got later and we got drunker, Ted started racking up.  I think Bindi’s two perky breasts started seeming more important than my two cards.  Maybe that was Ted’s plan.

We played kind of late into the night, talked about technology, as well as the wild girls from the other night.  I think Bindi got a little embarrassed by that.  But she was Ted’s sexy shill, so maybe it served her right.  Turns out Ted cleaned up in the end, probably because of Bindi and her, um, distractions.

Ted will be buying the beers next time.

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