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So I’d been moving through the Pacific – I figured I’d stop at Vietnam.  Not literally, but cooking-wise.  Not a lot of North Americans eat Vietnamese because we’ve been so isolated from them since the war.  But Vietnamese food is quite good.

As we know, the French controlled them for a long period before the American-Vietnam war and the French are known for their fabulous cooking (though not necessarily their war-fighting).  If you ever visit Vietnam, it has a decidedly 3rd world Asian jungle vibe, like much of the area.  But it also has some great pastry shops, wine and cheese, and the sort of stuff you’d see in France.

Also, the food fits the trend of what poor people in that geography eat — rice, lots of vegetables, and little meat.  It’s also spicy.  It’s just that they do it all better than other countries in the region.  I actually got this catered because I really don’t have the French technique for cooking.  But the meal consisted of a mixture of local greens which included leaks and garlic, there was a good bit of fragrant rice, and the veggies were mixed with a relatively small amount of beef.  They drink French wine there and we had Bordet.  We also got some Vietnamese beer, but it had a ginger taste and really wasn’t to my taste (or anyone else’s).

Ted and Eric came.  I think Dave’s actually mad at me over my hook up with Mya so he didn’t show but she did.  She was as always nice, sexy, and outgoing, but seemed to almost go out of her way to make it clear that she and I were NOT dating.  The group conversation was a little more serious this time.  We talked about world travel and the America-Vietnam war in specific.  Many many Canadians are ex-patriots from the US so they could avoid the draft and Canadians in general still think the US was stupid to go into Vietnam.

So the attitude is much different than in the US – most people in Canada like Americans but tease them horribly for being international war-mongers.  Any, everyone loved the food and the wine, thanks to the caterer.  Mya actually didn’t drink much which was unusual.

As people were leaving, I struck up a conversation with Mya and I thought it would wind up being about how her life was complicated and we couldn’t date and so on.  But before we started talking much, I asked her if she wanted to hang out with just she and I for a while.   She did and she very quickly turned sexual, which was very different from her aloof attitude at dinner.

Mya is totally intoxicating because she is interesting and so hot.  But I don’t want to get to into her just because she’s so good in bed.   That is her job, and it might seem something different to her.

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