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Route 66

I decided to throw a Route 66 dinner party and invited some of my trading friends, which was a huge mistake, because the only thing they talked about at the table was hoe koop je cryptocurrency. Oh well thankfully we had a wide selection of what you’d see in America.  Burgers, hot dogs, and chili were some of the staples.  I also made some corn dogs fresh in my deep fryer.  The chili was my Mom’s recipe, spicy but complex, with cheese and onions on top.  And most of the guys wanted chili on their dogs.

For the beer, this was Americana, so we served typical American beer – Bud Light, Miller, and we threw in some Sam Adams for the snobs.  Most of the guys up here in Canada tend to like the more robust English style beer better, so I’m not sure they were excited about the beer, but theme is important too.

The girls actually liked the mile-tasting American beer.  Bindi drank quite a bit of Bud Light.  David brought Kia and another girl I’d never met before.  They both tended to prefer the American beer too.  All the girls liked the chili.  They said it reminded them of some SouthEast Asian dish, which I didn’t totally understand.

Mya actually couldn’t make it today.  I really like her but she is mysterious and not in an entirely good way.  She doesn’t tell me what she’s doing and I feel like our relationship is very casual to her.

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