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So maybe I’d been trying to take advantage of the girls the last few times.  I invited Eric Anderson over to talk about his website  These sites are useful at work and with what’s going on these days I don’t really like going to anything controversial at home without using an anonymous proxy.

He was excited about it because he thought it represented the future where governments and corporations wouldn’t control access to information.  I tend to agree.  And while I’m not sure how much different it makes in Canada, it really means something in China or Singapore or other controlling states where much of the world is blocked out.  You can’t even get American news in China.  I can imagine a day where high strength encryption and anonymity are standard for all browsers.  There are parts of the world where you can even contribute freedom from government tyranny to anonymous browsing.  For instance, much of the Arab Spring would not have happened without the ability to freely communicate.

I’d mentioned that I work for a gambling site, and while they aren’t always illegal, it’s just as well that you’re bank and tax agents don’t know that you’re money’s being used in that way.  You could be accused of money laundering and of course if you won you’d be subject to taxes.  We at slot prince actually give out accounts and urls to anonymous proxies for people to use our site.  It’s highly encouraged.

So back to the food…  well, I know the Cold War isn’t really the centerpiece of spying anymore, but it is iconic, so I went with Eastern European and Russian fare.  I made some borscht.  I’d never made that before and didn’t think I’d like it, but it was actually delicious!  All my friends loved it!  (BTW, we didn’t have any of the ladies show up tonight – I think they found anonymous proxy a little less interesting than some of our other themes.)  So it was guys night.

I served beer from different parts of Eastern Europe.  Czech and Austrian beer is very good – pretty much like German beer.  As you get further away from Germany, the concept of beer gets a little different and I believe flavor takes a back seat to high alcohol content.

The borscht was probably the highlight of our cuisine.  Eastern European food isn’t especially interesting.  I probably could have stayed close to the German cuisine and done ok, but I went more with further East and into Russia.  Potatoes seem big there.  I made some perogies which were good, but there’s really nothing special about Russian meat.  I don’t think they eat much meat in Russia.  Even the spicy wasn’t to my liking.

So, the geek inside me took the place of the perv tonight.  I thought we did have a good conversation about the revolution anonymous browsing was taking place in the world.  And there are a lot of technological particulars with it.  I feel like the fellas actually felt much more comfortable tonight.

I started thinking about their situations.   They are managers in companies where a lot of sexy women work and some are trying to sleep their way up.  These are career-minded guys so I think it actually makes me uncomfortable sometimes.  Tech shops are typically geeky guys and a few geeky girls, so it must be really out of place for them.  I still don’t think I’d mind though 🙂

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