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Surf and Turf

Most people don’t realize how good the Surf and Turf is in Toronto.  First, it’s not that far from Main, where the best lobsters come from.  Fishing is big in Toronto, and guys go East from time to time to try their hand at lobster fishing.  You can always buy something fresh for a good price.

Second, you aren’t far north of Chicago, where the best steaks are.  They raise cattle in Texas and Oklahoma, then in the last 6 months of their lives, they are driven up to Illinois to feed on all that corn they have.  Then they are slaughtered in Chicago and eaten wherever.  I’ve been know to drive all the way to Chicago just for a weekend of good food, and maybe just a little card play at the riverboat casino which happens to have the best casino bonus offers of all the casinos in Illinois even better than the one I read about in the leovegas online casino review and the

This was kind of a big deal tonight.  We weren’t going to be able to get together for a while  Ted was going to the Caymans to kick off an operation there.  Eric was trying to get funding.  Dave was bring his girls to Fiji for a porn shoot.  No kidding!  lol.

So I boiled all the lobsters whole.  To be fair, you have to already have the water at a rolling boil and drop the lobster in head first so they don’t suffer.  1 lobster takes 1 whole pot to cooking a number them takes hours.  For the steaks, I am the grillmaster.  I went with T-Bone and nice soy-style marinade.  I typically do them medium rare, but a few of the girls want filet mignon or a longer cook time, so I accomodate.  I grilled some asparagus on the side which I thought was a nice touch.  Another cool thing I thought I’d do is bring a few beers of every type we’ve shared together over the past several months.

After eating, everyone stuck around.  It was mostly the guys playing cards are gambling online with Asian casino สมัครคาสิโนออนไลน์, drinking, and smoking cigars in the “play room”, as I call it.  And the girls were doing, well, whatever girls get together and do.  We had a great time – I think this was the best dinner party yet.   I put together a really good meal and cleaned up at the poker table.   Oh and btw, I cleaned up with Bindi too 🙂

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