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Wine and Cheese

We decided to go a little fancy tonight and have a wine and cheese party.  I did get a plate of cold cuts just for some substance.  But Canada tends to have better selections of authentic French delicacies than the States.

I’ve always liked Brie.  So we started out with some nice Brie with crackers and I had some good Chardonnay to go with that.  We went with some Gouda after that.  It’s got a smoky flavor that I like and went good with Merlot.  Then we went with another hard cheese, Gruyere, served with Sauvignon Blanc.

We took a little break and some people ate some of the cold cuts.  A couple of the girls grabbed an extra glass of wine.

I went with Stilton this time.  It’s not my favorite, but it’s what all the rich people in London eat and I wanted to present the image of success.  It was served with Sauternes.  I was serving small portions of wine as we were doing about 8 glasses, but some of the crowd, even a few of the girls, were starting to get tipsy already.

I served Feta at the end.  I like the saltiness of it.  We served that with Beaujolais.  I can hold my alcohol pretty well, but a lot of the crowd were tipsy.  Some had gone back into the wine for more.  I was talking with David Gent, asking how was going.  I guess it was going better than I thought!  He’d brought Mia and Kia, who both worked at the site.  I’ll admit they had stood out from the beginning.

Some of these girls can drink too!  I was kind of surprised.  But it was nice to have a good mixture of good friends and hot outgoing girls.  David’s girls didn’t really put on a show, but they did tease a little bit.  It made me wonder what he would be doing with them later.  I’ll have to get David especially over here more often!

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